Welcome to the The Realm Of Superheroes!Edit

This wikia is all about superheroes. Not official ones like Marvel or DC characters. Fan made ones. You can create your very own superhero! All it takes is a bit of creativity. As long as it meets these requirements. (I'm not very strict though XD)

Real Name



Superhero Name

Affiliation (If any)

Brief Backstory (You can go into more detail if you want)

Optional: Picture, Likes, Dislikes, Personality, ect.

I will be adding pages about superheroes I have already created and are in my multiverse. If I like your superhero, maybe I'll add yours as well! (With your consent of course)

Remember, the function of this wikia is to create superheroes, share ideas, and have fun! Please don't be mean!

-RainaTheRogue (Admin)

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Idk why this space is here, so just ignore it. XD

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